Protivopedikuleznaya processing

  • Protivopedikuleznaya processing
    Sanitization of people, head lice infestation of affected, It includes:
    – Inspection hairy part of a patient's head using a magnifier and combs for determining the degree of infestation head lice infestation;
    – processing the hairy part of the patient's head protivopedikuloznym means (available-) by irrigation or application by sponge depending on hair length;
    – washing the patient's head with shampoo (available in stock);
    – treatment of the scalp balm patient (available-) to soften the hair;
    – nit removal by hand using a magnifier, clips and combs;
    – hair dryer drying;
    – inspected the hairy part of the patient's head;
    – issuance of a certificate on carrying out rehabilitation.

Clarify all the questions for the protivopedikuleznoy processing by phone +375 232 32 91 43.

Read in detail about the possible pediculosis in our article on this link.



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